September 23

Since we have an apartment we’re not feeling a need to eat in restaurants all the time. There are a few little supermarkets in walking range where we’ve been buying our groceries. Naturally, most products in French grocery stores are completely different than in the US, and since the labeling is all in French, it all makes for something of an adventure!

One thing we’ve noticed a big difference in is with eggs. The eggs here taste better than the eggs available to us anywhere in Denver. I don’t know if they’re fresher or what, but they definitely taste better!

All the eggs we’ve seen so far are brown for some reason. And they have incredibly thick shells. Eggs in Denver are incredibly thin-shelled. Is it something the hens eat in each country that makes this happen?

And like I said, they taste so much better. (Note: I’m not one of those ‘everything from some other country is better than anything in the US’ people. So when I make a statement iike the one I just made about eggs, I really mean it) When either fried or scrambled, they have a nice intense consistency that our eggs back home seem to lack. And the yolks are really a darkish orange, really pretty when you’re frying them sunny-side up.

Mary Ann noticed that one of her eggs actually had a few pin feathers left on it. Made you think they were gathered up from under some healthy hen in some nearby farm. We wash eggs anyway, so that wasn’t a problem, but I mention it suggesting that perhaps these are more farm-fresh than we might get where we live. I’ve heard that the big distributers in the US can even freeze eggs to store them long-term. I’d be surprised if these guys are more than a few days old.

DSCN4288But I really haven’t had eggs this good since some I had back in the 70s at a bluegrass festival where I was camping out with about twenty other people hippie-commune-style in someone’s farmhouse outside of La Crosse, WI. It was a farm, so everything was fresh. The fresh milk had cream at the top which was skimmed off for coffee, and the fresh eggs were to die for! And that’s what these French eggs taste like. Best eggs in 35 years!

There are good breakfasts to be had in little brasseries near us, so it’ll be kind of a push to get us to go out and experience those instead of staying in and having these wonderful eggs. On the other hand, the eggs we’ve had at those places were just as good as these, so hey? Why not go out some mornings??


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