Our Six-Day Date with the Paris Museum Pass

paris-museum-pass-1Paris has hundreds of museums and other attractions that tourists want to visit. Among them are world-class spots like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Versailles, the D’Orsay Museum, the Rodin Museum, and I could go on and on. The lines are long at all of these. Part of that has to do with the incredibly reasonable prices charged for admission. Most can be gotten into for the equivalent of ten to fifteen dollars. But the lines for tickets can be long. VERY long.

That’s where the Paris Museum Pass comes in. Buy a two, four, or six-day pass, and you can visit any and all of dozens of museums, churches, and historical sites for just the price of that ticket. And, you get to the front of the line in each of these places. That part alone is worth the price of the ticket!

So tomorrow begins the first of our six days. Unlike some people in Colorado who try to climb all fifty-three mountains in the state that are over 14,000 feet (we call them ‘fourteeners’) in one summer, we are not going to go to museum after museum after museum after church after historic building, etc. We just can’t! We’re too old. While I love that we’re both healthy folks, we do have our limits. So we picked what we most wanted to see in the six days we have to do this. (Note that we’ve already seen a number of museums on the list prior to this pass). So here’s the agenda for us.

Day One: The Palace at Versailles. It’s absolutely huge, but we hope to get our total fill of gilded walls, acres of gardens, hundreds of rooms and all the rest by day’s end.

Day Two: We will go to the Picasso Museum in Paris. If we have energy left, we may add something here.

Day Three: The D’Orsay Museum.

Day Four and Five (the weekend): We’ll visit the magnificent Saint-Chapelle, the St. Severin Church (not on the list, but nearby and free), and/or the Cluny Museum or the Delacroix Museum.

Day Six: Finally, we will visit The Louvre.

Should be an adventure. And hopefully I’ll have energy left to talk about each in these posts. And then, when it’s over we’ll still have time to explore other parts of Paris before we leave town on the 15th of October. Montmartre is on the list, and maybe others.

Coming up next: VERSAILLES

Spiegelsaal im Schloß Versailles, Versailles, Paris, Frankreich


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