CiggiesIt appears that French people love to smoke. And they’re really kind of messy about it. Just as it is with pee and poop being left on the sidewalks from dog-walking (Watch your step! OOOOH, YUCK!!!), the streets are littered with ciggie butts, all over the place. France recently banned smoking in restaurants, something we’re thankful for now that we’re here.

While they have their bad habits just as we surely have ours, I have to say that I have never encountered faster walkers then the Parisians. Even faster than New Yorkers!  When you get out onto the sidewalk, you really have to get out of their way if they’re going faster than you. And with us, nearly everyone is going faster than we are. This is definitely true for young people from grade-school-age through the twenties and thirties. But even some older people can maintain a pretty good clip. We read recently that France has lower obesity rates than most other countries. With such rich food that we’ve found here we wonder if this fast walking, along with the many people you see bicycling and running and jogging, if all this exercise more than compensates for the rich diets that can be possible to have here.


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