Only 6 more days? (Oh no!!!) Only 6 more days? (Can’t wait!!!)

Saturday, October 10

Twenty-six days after we got here I can’t really say “Where did all the time go?”. It has been a full and rich time, all of it. As the days passed, I think we simply forgot that we came here from someplace else and that we started to feel like we had a ‘life’ over here. There were always places to go, things to do, and there was the normal business of picking up groceries, going to the market for fresh produce, walking down to Nelly Julien’s Boulangerie for fresh croissants in the morning, planning, and all the rest.

“Come home . . . NOW!”
“Hey Guys, no need to come home. I’ve got this new woman in my life!”

But over time though, I think we both started to grow lonesome for the furry contingent of our family (left behind because we couldn’t come up with adequate disguises for them and two extra seats on the plane, though Luigi was practicing how to say meow in French).

Here in Paris, we took a mini-vacation within this vacation to travel out of town to Chartres for two days (probably my next blog post). Naturally we had to leave our apartment ‘home’ to do that and stayed in a (really nice) hotel in Chartres. But instead of an apartment, we had a small room. It had no kitchen of its own, and there was no Rue Cler down the street or grocery stores in the immediate area. In other words, 125 Rue de l’Universite felt for a moment, like ‘home’, something we didn’t know we missed until we returned last night back to these five familiar rooms. A feeling of real homecoming where we could at last unpack, settle in and feel like we were at home base again.

That’s when, for me anyway, it dawned on me that we’re on the eve of our real homecoming, traveling back to Colorado and home next Thursday. Once again our little family will be together with sweet little kitty Roxy and the original grifter himself, Luigi. That will feel like a real homecoming.

I wonder if that’s what life itself is all about, coming home from a long journey.


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